inConcert Triumphs at the Platinum Contact Center Awards


By inConcert
June 16, 2023


The Platinum Contact Center Awards recognized inConcert as the top achiever for the Best IT Project in Customer Engagement 2023. This accolade acknowledged the company's innovative work in developing an omnichannel contact solution for WiZink's intermediary sales agencies.

The grand event of the Platinum Contact Center Awards, in its 14th year, took place in Madrid on June 14, 2023. It was here that inConcert stood tall, earning the Best IT Project in Customer Engagement 2022 award in collaboration with Wizink. The award-winning project provided a strategic solution that helped intermediary sales agencies work with the bank. This solution integrated Contact Center, Marketing Automation & CRM, Speech Analytics, and WhatsApp BSP technologies.

Strategic Customization with Future-focused Vision

inConcert aimed to empower agencies by providing tools to manage and strategically automate the entire sales process, from omnichannel lead management to conclude deals at the contact center. As a result, inConcert blended its unique technologies - Contact Center, Marketing Automation & CRM, Speech Analytics y WhastApp BSP - to deliver a comprehensive all-in-one solution. This solution also introduced a new platform for omnichannel contact and service.

"Thanks to this project, we've developed an advanced, multichannel management tool for intermediary sales agencies. This tool has enabled them to manage and automate the complete sales process strategically.". Explained Andrea Gómez, the Customer Director at inConcert.

This project enhanced the Customer Journey, enabling more efficient and swift communication with customers across all stages and on their preferred channels. It also facilitated the development of tailored campaigns based on the customers' status, profile, and history, equipping agents with comprehensive information for optimal interaction. The solution allowed simultaneous interactions across different channels, maintaining consistent quality, and tailoring to specific needs.

As a Business Solution Provider for WhatsApp, inConcert established a new contact channel on the platform. This innovation enabled faster and more agile communication with customers, allowing operators to assist seven customers simultaneously rather than restricting them to one-on-one phone or video calls.

More Engagement, Greater Savings, and Enhanced Productivity for High-quality Service

This approach bolstered key KPIs like First Response Time (FRT) and Average Response Time (ART), leading to a remarkable 131% growth in sales, a 35.8% increase in productivity, and a 157.3% rise in operations. It also contributed to a 144% surge in queries attended through automation and a 26.3% increase in attendance during peak hours, serving 90% of hot leads in less than 60 seconds. In addition to these accomplishments, the approach helped to reduce costs by 10%.

"We're extremely proud of this recognition. It underscores inConcert's technological leadership and the value we bring to our work. We see ourselves not as a service provider, but as a business partner to our clients." Concluded Andrea Gómez from inConcert.