Raise the quality of your contact center to a level of excellence

Exceed your customers' expectations with an excellent level of service, and ensure adherence to service standards with intelligent quality control solutions.

Optimize monitoring and ensure the quality of your operations

Ensuring the quality of your contact center operation is critical to improving operational performance and customer experience. With inConcert, optimize monitoring processes and quality audits using advanced call management and analytics technologies. Evaluate and rate agents to support them in their performance and, as a result, improve the quality of service.

Complete visibility: synchronized audio and video

Listen to the audio recording of the call at the same time as you view the agent's care screen, just as if you were on the live call. This way you have full visibility of what happened during the conversation.

audio y video sincronizados
Planificación de auditorías

Audit planning

Schedule audits and plan the strategic sampling of recordings according to various selection criteria such as call duration, time of day and results of the call management. Configure the percentage or number of calls you want to include in the evaluation sample.

Configurable skills and templates

Configure which skills to evaluate as required by your operation. Group skill sets into evaluation templates, reusable in other audits. Assign each skill a weighting depending on how important its weight in the assessment.

Habilidades y plantillas configurables

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Herramientas avanzadas de calificación

Advanced scoring tools

When you're listening to and rating calls, you can enter markers in the recording, notes and tags that allow you to easily rate each call.

Then go back to the exact point in the audio and video to share it with colleagues and agents involved to help improve care and processes.

Reporting and analysis

Access and export comprehensive reports that identify and compare agents' strengths and weaknesses, the degree of compliance with business requirements and the gap between the skills required by the operation and the actual skills offered by the agents.

Información y análisis
Speech Analytics

Automate analysis
with Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics performs speech-to-text transcription of all calls (or calls you specify), and automatically analyzes them according to selected criteria.

This technology makes it possible to extract valuable data from each interaction, in a very short time and without the need for auditors to listen to all calls to obtain indicators.

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