Contact Center

All channels.
One solution.

Improve your customer’s experience and optimize your company’s time and resources
with the most comprehensive all-in-one contact center solution on the market.

Improve your clients’ experience and optimize your company’s time and resources.

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Contacto Center
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Manage all interaction with your clients: phone, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, web chat, SMS, online forms or app stores from one single platform. Generate a unique record per contact and forget about
data silos.


Operate from any device with browser access thanks to the cloud environment. Enjoy the ease of use and excellent sound quality offered by this protocol.


Make more successful calls in less time using multimodal automatic dialing. Choose the type of dialing you need to boost your campaigns: progressive, predictive or preview mode.

ACD, Voicemail and Blending

Manage inbound calls in a simple and productive way with intelligent routing of interactions, voicemails and outbound channel integration on the same desktop.


Improve your clients’ experience and reduce costs with interactive response systems that adapt to your business processes:
pre-service menus, Speech Analytics and data integration so that
users can resolve transactions autonomously.

CTI integration

Integrate business applications into your contact center platform and synchronize your calls via API with data from ERPs, CRMs and any other application your business needs.

Web App, Flow Designer and Conversational Bot

Create your own web applications, IVR and automated flows using the design tools integrated in your platform. From ITR dumb bots to chatbots that resolve complex interactions with artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

Discover what Chatbots
can do.

Intuitive and centralized management

Control your entire operation from one single interface. Register users easily and set up their permissions with a high level of granularity, adapting it to suit the specifics of your campaigns.

Training, productivity and collaboration

Monitor in real time and improve the collaboration of your team through productivity and continuous improvement tools. Analyze and improve the performance of your teams and the effectiveness of interactions using the hundreds of reports and recordings available on your platform.

Want to improve the performance of your teams?
Workforce Engagement is the solution.

Workforce Engagement
is the solution.

Excellent service, maximum performance

Use the full potential of inConcert to enhance your clients’ experience and transform your contact center into a center of opportunities that grows your brand and increases your ROI.