Speech Analytics

Every word counts.

Gain access and insights to all the hidden data in every contact center
interaction through any channel. Identify patterns, trends, agent performance
and compliance automatically and in real time with inConcert Speech Analytics.

Gain access and insights to all the hidden data in every contact center interaction through any channel.

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inConcert Speech Analytics
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Taking advantage of our speech-to text transcription engine to produce transcriptions, instantly and in any language.

Automatic voice and text analysis

Easily configure a series of parameters to define and extract hidden data from all your agent-customer interactions, automatically and intelligently. Analyze all your contact center interactions through voice, chats, WhatsApp, emails and social media channels.

Quality assessment

Analyze the quality, tone and content of every omnichannel contact and use those results to automate your performance appraisal process. Identify the level of effectiveness of each agent, displayed in individual dashboards that can be customized and updated in real time.

Semantic assessment with natural language process engines

Evaluate the meaning and context of each word used in conversations between agents and customers with NLP. Analyze each interaction in real-time according to semantic criteria that you set, extracting meaningful data from each interaction.

Automated, manual or hybrid quality analysis

Use inConcert Speech Analytics to assess 100% of interactions as part of a fully automated process and perform manual reviews of the most critical aspects whenever you need to. Analyze service levels and compliance without relying on random samples.

Sentiment analysis

Instantaneously detect feelings, emotions and moods in the voice, tone and attitude of your agents and customers. Fully automated and in real-time, every time.

Query builder

Create custom queries through a no-code interface to search for the occurrence of certain words, expressions and silences or to perform contextual analysis. Use our pre built templates or create your own in minutes.

Audio analytics

Enhance the quality of your analysis with auto-generated playlists, detecting and accurately measuring talk time and periods of silence of agents and customers. Isolate specific words and apply independent analysis as required.

Are you ready to take advantage of the benefits of active listening through automated speech analytics?

Gain an in-depth understanding of your customers’ requirements and the ability of your agents to meet those requirements in a simple, automated process. Speech Analytics provides you with insight into the subtleties encapsulated in every interaction, improving your contact center’s performance and customer experience.