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Since 2001 we have been developing world-class software for contact centers,
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Frost & Sullivan
How do we do it?

“inConcert maintains one of the best customer loyalty and satisfaction rates in the European market. After almost two decades operating in the industry, its first customers continue to trust and choose the company. The most relevant reason for this is inConcert’s customer-centric approach. The company grows, innovates and evolves with the idea of providing superior value to its clients.”

Federico Teveles | Research Analyst
Information and Communications Technologies
Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan
Making the future since 2001


Creation of inConcert


Leading the way
  • Worldwide pioneers in the exclusive use of full-IP technology in the contact center


  • EAI technology integrating data, business systems and processes in the contact center
  • Operations in Latin America
  • Offices in Mexico


  • Multimedia Contact Center adds web chat and e-mail interactions to voice


In the cloud
  • Cloud and multi-tenant technology development for virtual contact centers
  • Operations in Europe. Offices in Barcelona and Madrid


4 continents
  • Operations in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Own hosting centers in the USA and Spain


The omnichannel era
  • inConcert Omnichannel Contact Center natively integrates voice, digital and social channels
  • Offices in Lima


Intelligent Software
  • Incorporation of artificial intelligence, cognitive bots and virtual assistants
  • First version of inConcert Workforce Management and inConcert Quality
  • First version of inConcert Marketing
  • Offices in Bogotá


  • First versions of inConcert Help Desk, inConcert Speech Analytics and inConcert CRM
  • Offices in Costa Rica


Consolidated leadership
  • Incorporation of WebRTC support
  • inConcert joins Frost & Sullivan Radar in CCaaS in Europe
  • First version of inConcert Collections


New drive
  • Investment of the Linzor international fund to accelerate the company’s growth on a global scale
Making the future since 2001

20 years ago, we set ourselves the challenge of creating an innovative, full-IP platform for multimedia contact centers that would easily integrate with other systems with the aim of maximizing the customer life cycle value.

Over the years, we have continued to innovate, improve our technology and expand our portfolio, which has earned us recognition and technology leadership awards.

Because of our pioneering vision, we have often been told that “we have made history” in the industry. But we prefer to think that “we have made the future”, and we continue to do so.

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local presence

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