Workforce Engagement

The right people at
the right time

Optimize your agent staffing levels and customer response rates with our proprietary forecasting algorithms, operational scenario simulators and real-time performance dashboards. Agent preferences are always prioritized, improving morale and motivation, adherence levels and quality of customer interactions.

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Workforce Engagement
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Calculating ideal staffing levels

Obtain projections of future interaction volume within seconds using algorithms that consider your center’s interaction history, external performance reports, seasonality and the impact of special days. Compare existing agent schedules with automated forecasts to accurately calculate the number of agents required to meet service-level requirements without incurring unnecessary cost.

Agent Portal and Mobile App

Empower your agents in the creation of their shifts and provide them with real-time performance metrics on their mobile app. They can easily track their own performance, add their schedule preferences, and initiate shift swapping. This improves adherence levels and has a positive impact on attrition rates.

Real-time control

Create dashboards that display tailored information for each type of service or group of agents and obtain real-time updates and alerts to enhance your business intelligence capabilities and improve the performance of your contact center. Get up-to-the-minute customer contact details for each agent or team and receive alerts based on the KPI’s you choose.

Training and growth

Identify top performers and design training plans based on personalized data. Automatically identify the most appropriate intervals for scheduling skill-building, coaching and support activities or team meetings, without affecting reposnse levels or quality of service.

Multi-skill routing at your fingertips

Organize your teams efficiently by incorporating their preferences via the planning dashboard. Choose different shift scheduling strategies to achieve improved coverage and centrally manage all your team’s registrations, training sessions, schedules, shift changes, leave or absences.

Optimized team management

Organize your teams efficiently without neglecting their preferences from the planning dashboard. Choose different shift scheduling strategies to achieve better coverage and easily and centrally manage all your team’s departures, registrations, training sessions, schedules, shift changes, leaves or absences.

Happier agents, more satisfied customers

Take advantage of the availability of granular data provided by real-time dashboards to recognize the work of the best performing agents. Share individualized results through the Agent Portal or mobile app and set rewards for the individuals or teams that reach and exceed their goals.

Achieve the perfect balance

Stay ahead of demand by designing action plans to improve the experience of your customers and teams. Maximize customer service quality and response-rates while reducing costs with the inConcert Workforce Engagement platform.