Marketing Automation & CRM

More leads, More sales,
More control.

A powerful and intuitive cloud-based platform, giving you visibility across the entire sales process, all the way from lead identification to post-sale implementation. Optimize your pipeline through No-code automation, and track the progress of your prospect’s journey through your sales funnel.

A powerful and intuitive cloud-based platform, giving you visibility across the entire sales process.

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Omnichannel communication

Receive real-time notifications every time a new lead is generated so you can provide immediate and personalized customer service. Contact your lead by phone, webchat, email or any social media channel, and maintain one single history of all interactions.


Automate your marketing strategy with audience segmentation, distribution workflows, nurturing, contact history and lead scoring. Optimize your processes in a smart way, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Better data,
better decisions

Create dashboards and display key indicators from each stage in the marketing funnel, measuring the ROI in digital media, the quality of your SEO and the actual customer acquisition cost across all of your campaigns.

Pipeline management

Manage multiple pipelines and sales teams simultaneously. Track the progress and likelihood of closing each sales opportunity. Generate your own, fully customizable pipelines that reflect all the data points that you need.

Consolidated history

Understand the path your leads follow through the sales funnel. Use our proprietary search engine to validate all contacts, context, who initiated them and when.

Landing page builder

Design, publish and optimize landing pages, thank you pages, pop-ups and microsites with a powerful drag & drop designer that allows you to build and then run campaigns without relying on any 3rd party designers or developers.

Email marketing

Create and send personalized email campaigns with CTA’s to drive recipient interaction. Analyze the performance of every message and manage your contacts' subscription while maintaining GDPR compliance.

Conversational AI and speech interpretation

Significantly improve your results and increase your productivity with Bots that intuitively solve your customers' queries. Detect new opportunities and ways to improve your sales processes by extracting valuable data from every interaction through the inConcert Speech Interaction Analytics module.

More sales, better performance

Use all the leading-edge capabilities of the inConcert Marketing & CRM module to create a customizable sales management process to improve your results through every stage of the sales cycle.