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Support your customers through AI
on any communication channel

Improve user experience by automatically resolving queries 24/7.

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Intelligent interactions drive
optimal customer experience

Respond to all interactions with natural and open language between users and bot.

Deliver exceptional customer experience with a bot that understands text errors and emojis, can chat in different languages, use regional and industry-specific terms, and send videos, geo-locations, gifs, and more!.

Automate and resolve issues by connecting to legacy systems and internal processes.

Intelligent interactions drive optimal customer experience
Seamless transition to live agent at the right time

Seamless transition to live
agent at the right time

Automate transactional and simple requests without delays. Forward the more complex queries to live agents to optimize time and enhance the customer experience.

Our bot has a memory of its own so that you don't lose the chat history: when the complex part of the interaction has been resolved, the bot returns to complete the interaction.

Immediate integration and self-management

Easily integrate our bot with your legacy CRM systems and backoffice applications.

Self-manage your content as often as you want, making changes in real-time through a no-code interface, avoiding the need to use IT expertise.

Get real-time reporting to monitor performance and make changes as needed.

Immediate integration and self-management
Voice Interactions

Voice Interactions

Take advantage of our proprietary STT (speech-to-text) and TTS (text-to-speech) voice technologies to implement powerful,and intuitive voice bots that understand your customers' colloquial speech and respond to them through speech.

Use voice as an interface, integrated to WhatsApp or phone calls, with the ability to interpret the customer's voice and provide answers in a natural way.

Security and Privacy

Guarantees the highest level of security in every interaction. Our solutions are GDPR compliant.

All data is encrypted to safeguard any sensitive information that may be required to complete the transactions.

Security and Privacy

Customized upselling and

Be smart when offering products. Use pop-ups to suggest alternatives, provide guidance, and show complementary products to add to the cart.

You can also actively display customer service support when an empty cart is detected.

Scale customer service during
periods of high demand

Offer your customers instant omnichannel service 24/7/365, and across all platforms through efficient, seamless transition between bots and agents.

We support your growth by giving you the possibility to scale your customer service offering during periods of high demand to make the most of every business interaction.

Scale customer service during periods of high demand
Tracking at all times

Tracking at all times

Notify order shipments, coordinate delivery methods, and offer real-time tracking.

Allow customers to check the status of their deliveries and file complaints automatically by creating a ticket that integrates with your Helpdesk.

Post-sales, satisfaction
and customer retention

Offer quality post-sales service with satisfaction surveys and product or service support.

Get feedback from customers to get to know them better and encourage retention for their next shopping experience.

Post-sales, satisfaction and customer retention
Immediate customer support

Immediate customer support

Automate customer service regardless of the time of day that customers contact you.

Quickly and efficiently solve queries, problems or complaints about the purchase or service received.

Reminders and shift

Offer reminders and help making appointments quickly and efficiently. Use the interaction history and the analysis of expressions to provide tailored solutions for the user.

Reminders and shift management