inConcert deploys in 24 hours a platform of 150 agents for emergency
customer service in emergency situations.


The company

Webhelp enhances the customer experience by providing long-term value to the world's most innovative companies with end-to-end services, from helping their customers deliver a more human, complete and intelligent experience to moderating their social networks and providing payment services.

In order to put its clients at the forefront of technology, Webhelp has implemented artificial intelligence, voice analytics and other cutting-edge technologies to adapt the customer experience to the changing times and transform the way they work.


The challenge

Webhelp was faced with the need to respond to an emergency situation presented by one of its clients, a major multinational automotive company.

This emergency was the result of a crisis, amplified by its media characteristics, which saturated Webhelp's existing lines and systems with calls from customers who felt cheated and demanded explanations.

To resolve this situation, it was necessary to deploy a customer service operation for a staff of 150 agents in less than 24 hours over a weekend.

The solution

inConcert implemented its inConcert Omnichannel Contact Center platform hosted in the cloud, with geo-redundancy in datacenters in Madrid and Barcelona to ensure the high availability required by the operation.

This platform, integrated with Webhelp's customer management systems, began processing inbound interactions within the first 24 hours, achieving the primary objective.

For the second stage, in the following 48 hours, an outbound campaign was put into operation in order to respond to requests generated omnichannel through websites, social networks and emails. Additionally, this campaign provided call-back functionalities to ensure that no call, even abandoned calls, went unanswered.


The results

Webhelp was able to meet its client's requirements in an extremely demanding timeframe that, a priori, was supposed to be impossible to achieve.

During the first six months of operation, more than 1.5 million interactions via phone, email, web forms and click-to-call were handled.



“Thanks to the versatility, ease of use and speed of deployment of the inConcert solution, we were able to have a very complete solution up and running in record time for our most demanding client.”

Mariano Bañón,
IT Director of Webhelp