Toyota Financial Services

Leaders in automotive financing, insurance and services.


The Company

Toyota, through Toyota Financial Services (TFS), is one of the leading providers of financing, insurance and service programs in the automotive industry.

Its corporate mission is based on continuous improvement, encouraging the personal and professional growth of its employees and maximizing individual and team performance in order to achieve satisfied customers for life.


The Challenge

Flexibility, scalability and rapid return on investment.

Apply different business strategies.

TFS needed to apply new and creative strategies for engaging with customers and distributors that would optimize existing processes and quickly result in cost savings. cost savings.

Management reports and indicators crossed with operations.

TSF has considered as a fundamental point the ability to integrate multiple management applications of the different campaigns to the contact center operations, in order to easily obtain cross reports that provide accurate and global information of the entire management.

Possibility of urgent adaptations without dependence on the supplier and scalability.

Otro punto importante a considerar era la capacidad de hacer adaptaciones en el momento en que fueran requeridas, sin depender del proveedor.

The solution

Self-service strategies, mail, predictive dialing and mass outgoing messages

Among the solutions implemented is the development of IVRs that incorporate self-service functions and automatic sending of e-mails for customer service and distributors.

Strategies have been defined and configured for the management of collections based on predictive dialing, complemented with the automation of massive outgoing voice messages. Finally, for quality assurance and continuous improvement strategies, automated post-call quality surveys and personalized reports have been incorporated for further analysis.

CTI integration with management applications

CTI integration with management applications was implemented for both inbound and outbound collection campaigns. Scripts and management applications developed with the front-end application design tool were defined, which have also been naturally integrated with the corresponding contact center campaigns.

Thanks to the implemented CTI integration, a set of reports combining operational and management results have been provided. These, together with call recordings, have provided valuable information on the performance of each campaign.

Flexibility and scalability

Throughout the definition process, TFS was accompanied by consultants who advised on the best functionalities to implement in each case. Additionally, specific training on the tools provided has been carried out, in order to provide autonomy in the implementation of new requirements, either with respect to the configuration of new campaigns, or for the development of integrated management applications or IVR applications. Despite the autonomy obtained, technical support has been provided to guarantee operational continuity.


The results

Adaptability, continuity and autonomy. FS has redefined its collection, credit and customer service processes, maximizing the use of the functionalities provided and increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the campaigns. It has thus found inConcert's solution to be cost-effective.

The fast response times provided by support, together with the training received, have given TFS the flexibility to scale and adapt to new requirements, as well as the guarantee of continuity in its operations.



“I can say that it is a unique experience as a user and customer that I have had with inConcert, I only have to mention positive aspects and recommend it widely.”

Joaquín Gómez Galindo,
CRM, Toyota Financial Services México.