Expanded its marketing-sales operation and achieved up to 180%
growth for its clients.


The company

Convertia offers the market transformative marketing and sales propositions that help companies scale their revenue levels to their maximum potential.

In addition to other activities, it provides customer acquisition services for brands, generating leads through investments in digital marketing and closing the sale with its own team of salespeople in the contact center.

The company started its operations with local reach in Mexico City and soon began to expand. It currently has more than 500 employees and clients in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama.


The Challenge

Convertia's challenge was to generate sales for its clients with the lowest possible cost per acquisition, maximizing the investment in digital marketing. This challenge is linked to its innovative business model, where it assumes all the investment risks and costs of the process, and only charges its clients for the sales made.

Therefore, optimizing each step of the process was the key to guaranteeing the profitability of its operations and delivering satisfactory results to its clients.

The solution

To successfully develop this model, Convertia required a technology platform that would integrate digital marketing actions with the closing of sales in the contact center. This is what it found inConcert's omnichannel sales and marketing solution.

Through this technology, Convertia obtained the ability to control end-to-end and minute-by-minute every indicator of the lead generation and sales closing process for each customer. In this way it achieved maximum return on investment in digital media and was able to optimize campaigns and content in real time, based on the data.

In addition, inConcert's technology enabled the integration of digital media with the sales team's attention in the contact center. This allowed Convertia an immediate treatment of hot leads through their preferred channels, increasing the chances of closing.

Finally, thanks to inConcert's task and process automation capabilities, Convertia was able to efficiently work each sales opportunity on a large scale, optimizing human resources.


The results

Convertia quickly adopted and specialized in the use of the technological platform, which supported its management methodology and processes. In this way, Convertia:

  • Maintains on-page conversion ratios of more than 20% and has managed to reduce the cost of customer acquisition by 24% on average, exceeding 30% in several cases.
  • It has had an average annual growth in sales generated by digital media of 108% in the last three years.
  • For some of its clients, it has achieved sustained sales increases of more than 180%.
  • Produces $110 million in customer lifetime value annually through digital demand generation.


“inConcert provided us with a platform that underpins our procurement methodology, and allowed us to gain efficiencies throughout the process. We can guarantee good results for our clients and assume the investment risks because we have inConcert's technology and experience to back us up.”

Paolo Boni
CEO of Convertia.