New Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Julio Guridi
March 16, 2020


Facing possible contingency situations derived from COVID-19, as providers of mission-critical solutions and based on previous teleworking experiences with high user density, inConcert has prepared recommendations and solutions for the connection of remote users in order to ensure the continuity of operations and the security of agents.

Our engineering and technical assistance areas are available and trained to assist inConcert customers in the preparation and activation of contingency and business continuity plans through teleworking.

We also have the capacity to deploy remote operations in a secure, reliable and scalable manner that takes into special consideration the main critical elements, such as the use of home computers and the shared use of the residential internet connection.

If you are already an inConcert customer and require information about recommendations and how to implement telework with our platform or expand your telework capacity, please send a message to .

If you are not an inConcert customer and need to deploy remote agents or contingency environments, do the following click here.

To learn more recommendations on how to deploy your operation based on teleworking, we invite you to read this note in our blog.