Case Study: Mexico's SAT internalizes its contact center and optimizes costs by using inConcert's omnichannel solution


Julio Guridi
August 29, 2021


inConcert, together with its strategic partner Convertia, developed a digital transformation project for the SAT (Tax Administration Service) of Mexico. The purpose was to internalize its contact center and reduce the operational costs of attention during the Annual Declaration of Individuals 2020, which was achieved in a very satisfactory way.

Until then, SAT based its service on an outsourced call center, where agents handled queries via telephone and chat. In order to improve taxpayer service, and given the enormous volume of queries during the tax return period, SAT needed to implement a more dynamic, efficient and cost-effective contact strategy.

Employing inConcert's omnichannel technology allowed SAT to incorporate new service channels, automated notifications, satisfaction surveys, advanced functionalities for managing queries and self-service solutions, all integrated into a single platform.

A smart bot focused on taxpayer service

Among the solutions developed for this project, the OrientaSAT, an intelligent chatbot available 24 hours a day, stood out. Powered by NLU technology, OrientaSAT was able to interpret the user's natural language, detect his intention and provide him with the most appropriate response. In total, it acquired the ability to provide answers to more than 8,000 possible questions from the taxpayer.

"Since the implementation of OrientaSAT, the waiting time for taxpayers was eliminated and they were able to solve more and more doubts, thanks to the constant training of the chatbot" expressed
Hugo Fernando Huesca, Administrator of Interinstitutional Programs of Services "3".

The results

The work of inConcert and Convertia with the SAT resulted in very significant improvements in the taxpayer service processes, as well as an important optimization of costs. Automatic attention of almost 200,000 monthly queries was achieved (with an average of 491 queries per hour during peak hours), in addition to increasing agent productivity:

  • 73% increase in the capacity to respond to telephone queries and 30% reduction in response time.
  • 78% increase in the capacity to respond to chat queries and 45% reduction in response time.
  • The volume of attention through social networks increased 5-fold.

Thanks to the chatbot, an 86% reduction in operating costs was achieved in customer service, eliminating online waits and guaranteeing 24/7 attention to taxpayers.