Today, telecommunications companies are facing heightened competition while communication services continue to get cheaper. This constitutes a major challenge for customer retention and increasing earnings.

For 15 years, we have been working hand in hand with many companies in the industry, helping them strengthen their client relationships, and working with them to optimize their sales strategies and to achieve significant improvements in their earnings and operational costs.

Our solutions for telecommunications companies allow you to provide a superior experience to your customers thanks to a high level of service across various channels. At the same time, these solutions help you increase non-contact sales and keep acquisition costs under control.


  • Intelligent distribution of customer interactions Be sure that each incoming call that reaches your contact center is handled by the most appropriate operator depending on the customer’s profile and needs.

  • Proactive contact.

    Take the initiative to renew existing contracts before they expire, alert your clients regarding service outages in their area, advertise new technologies, or promote new products.

  • Consistent omni-channel experience.

    Clients are increasingly demanding consistent and integrated service on all media: voice, text message, social networks, web, and email, and if you don’t reach out to customers on their preferred channel, your competition will do it for you.

  • One contact, one opportunity.

    Each contact is an opportunity to generate more earnings and to gain customer loyalty. But it can also be a risk: a poorly managed contact could result in a loss of resources, and potentially, a lost customer. inConcert helps make each contact an opportunity, providing the agents with the information they need about each client when they need it, to support cross-selling, personalized offers, and immediate solutions.

  • Self-service.

    Make your contact center platform work for you 24/7, 365 days a year, without needing operators. Give your customers the opportunity to automatically recharge their balances, renew their contracts, coordinate services, and contract new content with interactive voice applications or even by using voice technologies. You can even give them a better, more personalized experience with each interaction depending on their preferences and the plans and services contracted.

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