Contact center service providers face a dual challenge: deliver end users excellent service while also satisfying their demands for successful campaigns, providing rapid responses to changes in requirements, lowering costs and integrating the technology with their systems.

If you provide business process outsourcing, inConcert has the functionality you need to deliver your clients superior services to make their campaigns profitable. inConcert’s flexible outsourcing solutions adjust operations to meet traffic and personnel fluctuations, have the technology to easily adapt to any system, and offer tools to maximize campaign productivity.


  • Flexible scalability.

    inConcert gives you flexibility to increase or decrease stations without complications and whenever operations demand. Our solutions can be installed on-premise or on-the-cloud so you can expand your contact center’s capabilities during peak demand or whenever required. All you need is an internet connection.

  • Blending.

    Increase your operation’s productivity and take full advantage of your agents’ time and capabilities with inConcert’s multi-channel blending capabilities. Agents can attend to multiple campaigns with pre-configured priorities, and respond to interactions on multiple channels simultaneously while switching automatically from inbound to outbound campaigns whenever needed.

  • Integration with end-users’ technology.

    inConcert integration interfaces, including plug-and-play connectors for the principal CRM applications on the market, let you easily link your contact center with your clients’ applications and systems so agents have all of the information needed at their fingertips for efficient customer service, billing and sales.

  • Monitoring and quality.

    Check your operations at any moment, taking instantaneous corrective action to ensure profitability. The cost of inaction when providing business process outsourcing is very high. inConcert keeps you on top of everything happening at your contact center with specialized recording, quality monitoring, reporting and operations analysis tools.

  • Cost reductions and transparency.

    Give your clients better visibility over their campaign operations by providing them with password-protected restricted access to listen to recordings and access reports. You maintain control over permissions at all times as you regulate the level of access provided. Give your clients security and peace of mind while reducing the administrative costs of preparing reports and compiling recordings.

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