Healthcare providers, besides needing to quickly meet patients’ needs and maintain high levels of service by phone, email, chat and other channels, must also control operating costs and be profitable.

Organizations in the healthcare sector, such as be it hospitals, clinics, or laboratories, handle a high volume of customer contacts that is not in person, but unlike many other market sectors, healthcare information is highly sensitive. Since health is involved, service must be precise and attentive, meeting patients’ individual needs, including demands for appointments and test results. At the same time, these same healthcare organizations must use advanced technology to achieve efficiency and profitability, including multi-channel communication options, intelligent distribution of interactions to attending personnel, integration of patient services with business applications, and the automation of patient services.


  • Multi-channel services.

    Let users access your contact center via multiple channels. Give them the satisfaction of using the channel they prefer, while you reduce operating times and costs. Whether your patients choose to reach out to you by phone, chat or email, inConcert healthcare solutions let you provide consistent, coherent and personalized services across multiple channels.

  • Distribute interactions according to your personnel’s abilities.

    When an unqualified person helps a patient, operational efficiency is reduced and serious errors can occur. Make sure patients’ needs, including appointment scheduling, are met with the best resources available depending upon the patient and the capabilities of the person helping them. Emergencies, specialist needs, appointment scheduling and billing are routed to the person that is most capable of handing each case.

  • Essential information delivered at the right moment

    You must have a patient’s information to provide personalized service, be it by phone, chat or email, and to achieve the desired result, whether it’s scheduling a consult with a specialist, laboratory testing, or resolving an administrative matter. inConcert provides tools that seamlessly integrate the hospital’s or institution’s back-office systems with patient response services so the information that’s needed is always at hand.

  • Recording of interactions.

    An efficient and secure system for recording patient interactions is critical in healthcare, and much more so than in other market sectors. inConcert healthcare solutions include a complete system for recording calls and screen actions by personnel attending to patients. Recordings are rapidly accessible using a powerful web console with filtered searches. You get not only the tools needed to improve service and productivity, you’re also equipped with the backup needed to verify patient-personnel interactions so the organization is protected in the event of improper claims.

  • Self service.

    Healthcare self-service solutions from inConcert improve patients’ experiences, optimizing the productivity of personnel while reducing operating costs. Among other alternatives, we help you automate patient services related to test appointments; the coordination, scheduling and canceling of medical appointments; purchase of health plans; prescription requests; payments; and account balances.

  • Personalized responses.

    Schedule the sending of health reminders, exam results, and pre-test and pre-surgery requirements employing the patient’s preferred channel. You can also inform patients of new service providers and clinics, as well as the dates of upcoming payments and reminders for payment due dates.

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