Customers who feel well taken care of usually purchase more. They’re less price sensitive and more inclined to recommend your products and services. With Customer Service solutions from inConcert your customers experience service excellence, and your business profits more. They are designed to resolve customers’ needs on the first call, reduce wait times and optimize the distribution of contacts to your agents, improving your operation’s overall quality.


  • Intelligent call distribution.

    With inConcert’s ACD, you easily configure call distribution to the most qualified agents, based on ability while providing them with all of the customers’ information as well as their relevant IVR selections.

  • Dynamic call scripting.

    Help agents provide better service with call scripting that standardizes service levels, and reduces the time required to solve customers’ needs. Dynamic scripting helps agents adapt to any situation, with step-by-step guidance to successful call resolutions.

  • Multi-channel, multi-campaign with blending.

    Simultaneously and efficiently organize agents on various campaigns, using multiple channels and blending to adjust agent workloads to smoothly fit the peaks and valleys in customer demand. Thus, you can make better use of your resources and reduce customer wait times.

  • Automatic call backs.

    Impress your customers by returning calls they abandon when they don’t want to be waiting in line. inConcert captures their phone numbers and immediately calls them when an agent becomes available.

  • Integrate your IT systems with your contact center.

    inConcert brings together customer data dispersed among your various applications to one single customer service screen. This single access point provides all of the information needed to solve customers’ needs without having to switch screens.

  • Real-time support and coaching.

    Empower agents to resolve doubts or problems via private chat with supervisors while the call is live. inConcert also lets supervisors to silently listen to live calls and provide support and suggestions to agents via the same chat. Customers never know.

  • Interactive voice response system.

    Not all customers want to engage with your IVR, but many will appreciate that it frees them from waiting times and provides services every day of the year at any hour. Allow your customers to consult and obtain information, and manage transactions with this friendly, self-service option.

  • Remote agent locations, including working from home.

    With inConcert, your customer services can be located in multiple locations—anywhere in the world. That means you can distribute the workload more efficiently, provide localized customer services, and reduce transportation, infrastructure and energy costs.

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