Collect overdue bills faster and more profitably. inConcert’s specially designed solutions accelerate the process, including maximizing the time agents spend talking to account holders. Improve your collections success rate while you consolidate the information required for more efficient billing, automating your processes and deploying the up-to-date information needed for smarter operations control.


  • Automatic dialing.

    Replace manual with automatic dialing. Use call progress analysis to detect busy signals, answering machines and fax lines, increasing the time your agents actually spend talking with contacts. The math is simple: agents that talk more, collect more.

  • Unified multi-channel interface.

    inConcert’s multi-channel integration tool establishes contact with overdue account holders via whatever medium you choose—generating more collections opportunities.

  • All the billing information you need.

    Don’t let missing information put a gap between agents and successful billing. inConcert helps improve your collection rates by integrating your contact center with your IT and business systems.

  • Recorded calls and agent screen actions.

    Besides documenting what’s agreed to with overdue account holders, inConcert’s call and screen action recording improves management efficiency providing more opportunities to improve internal processes and personnel training.

  • Up-to-date information.

    Get a better overview of your business with easy access to secure reports available via a web interface that consolidates your operations, telephone and billing data and processes.

  • Supervise, monitor and coach agents in real time.

    Control your billing center operations, from any location in real time and via a password-protected web application. Take timely preventive and corrective actions for better operations support.

  • Broadcast voice mail that gives customers the option to connect with an agent.

    Optimize your agents’ time while you reduce operational costs by automating repetitive tasks including sending customers billing due dates and reminders. Deploy fixed or personalized messages depending on the targeted customer.

  • Inbound self-service.

    Reduce your costs while you provide 24-hour service every day of the year with an interactive voice response system that’s integrated with your billing processes. You automate customer billing inquiries, including information on due dates, and payment locations, and allow customers to immediately speak with an agent or supervisor when desired.

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