Financial institutions face increased demands for superior customer service, including pressure to diversify customer communication channels while reducing operating costs and increasing profits.

inConcert banking and finance solutions have helped many organizations meet their required customer service levels, optimize attention processes, reduce costs and increase profits using specialized tools that automate processes and integrate corporate systems with their contact centers.


  • Put the best executive on every call.

    inConcert intelligently assigns calls, email, and chats to the most qualified executive thanks to sophisticated distribution algorithms. You optimize your operation times, solve customers’ needs on the first contact and deliver a better customer experience with your organization.

  • Self-service.

    Automated customer service options deliver a double advantage: they reduce your operating costs, freeing agents from repetitive, routine tasks. They also, when properly implemented, improve the user’s experience while providing service 24/7, 365 days a year. inConcert’s solutions let you efficiently automate complex telephone banking operations, including transfers between accounts, balance inquiries, and requests for statements via email, among others.

  • Deliver customer service on multiple, integrated channels.

    Improve your customers’ experience by allowing them to communicate with your bank on the channels they prefer, coherently, consistently and with total transparency as you optimize the use of your resources and reduce your operating costs.

  • Blending of interactions and channels.

    Optimize how your agents use their time by blending servicing inbound and outbound calls, as well as handling email, online chat and call backs for abandoned calls. When agents aren’t responding to inbound calls, they’re free to make outbound calls, and respond to voice mail and email.

  • Proactive customer contact.

    inConcert’s tools for broadcasting messages allows for customer personalization while you reduce your costs and build customer loyalty. For example, you can broadcast SMS notifications pertaining to bank deposits, emails featuring promotions, or administer billing with automated voice messaging.

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