• A broad, comprehensive offering.

    Our products are simple to use. To help you maximize the benefits of your technology investment, we've prepared a complete online training program with basic to advanced operations and technical workshops and courses both self-directed and with live instructors. If your business has specific training needs, we can prepare training courses customized to your goals.

  • We make it easy.

    Segmentation of courses and themes makes it possible to maximize the time spent in training, helping you focus on only those themes that are the most important based on your users’ profiles. After you sign in on the e-learning inCollege platform, access the calendar, topics and course material. Reserve your class times and then start training.

  • Advanced knowledge transfer.

    If you’re most interested in practice than theory, you’ve already taken operator training and you’re ready to go to the next level, you’ll definitely want to participate in our advanced workshops. For more information, go to inCollege/Workshops.

  • Training areas.

    We offer complete training plans that are simple and well-grounded. Our variety of options allow you to focus on your needs, for both a diversity of platforms and levels of complexity.


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