• Contact center consulting.

    Technology alone can’t solve your problems. Only the implementation of processes and practices that compliment and are aligned with your technology solutions can deliver the operations efficiency you require. Our contact center operations and productivity experts help you to see and understand what you do well, what you can improve and how other organizations with similar challenges have produced excellent results. We show you the industry’s best practices and help you implement the strategies required to meet your business goals.

  • Integrate your contact center with the rest of your organization.

    Your contact center shouldn’t be an island in the middle of your organization. Instead, it should be a properly placed and strategically integrated component in your overall business processes. Every time a customer calls, sends an email, requests a chat or is contacted by your organization, a business process should be initiated that includes the contact center as a component. Be it billing, sales, or a customer complaint, the right person, process and system in your organization should be involved. At inConcert we don't just provide technology. We also give you the knowledge you need to integrate and focus all of the necessary components of your organization into solutions that are aligned with your business strategy.

  • Model, integrate and automate your business processes.

    For more than 25 years, inConcert’s team of business consultants has specialized in the Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI), and the modeling, integration and automation of business processes (BPM, BPI and BPA). The know-how we have built allows us to design and implement highly efficient, and profitable contact center solutions that deliver a superior customer experience.


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