Voice and video
contact center

Make your customers happy with personalized,
meaningful and efficient interactions.

Voice and video
contact center

Voz y video contact center

Build trusted relationships, increase your sales, reduce costs and improve your customers' experience with a WebRTC
platform for voice and video calls, powered by advanced distribution, recording and management features.

Omnichannel Inbox in your browser

The use of WebRTC ensures excellent voice quality while providing flexibility and economy. This allows your agents to work from anywhere and manage calls, integrated with digital channels, with just access to a browser.


Manage your inbound voice interactions in a simple way and guarantee the best experience for your customers. Access powerful distribution and routing tools, voicemails, omnichannel blending and CTI integration, which adapt the voice care system to the needs of your operating environment and business variables.


Gain efficiency and productivity with high-performance tools to proactively contact your customers through the channels they prefer. Reach more contacts in less time and at a lower cost.

Servicio sin esperas Servicio sin esperas Servicio sin esperas

Servicio sin esperas

Reduce time in line and improve your customer's experience by announcing the estimated waiting time and their place in the queue. Plus, give them the ability to leave a voicemail message or ask you to call them back, instead of waiting for an agent.

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Surprise your contacts and improve their satisfaction. If there are no agents available and a customer abandons the call before being answered, inConcert captures their phone number and automatically calls them back as soon as an agent is available.

Call-back Call-back Call-back

Video Contact Center

A picture is worth a thousand words ... and it also improves your customers' experience. Provide more efficient service and streamline your contact center communications by giving a human and personal touch to interactions with video calls.

Easy configuration and advanced customization

Easily configure call behavior from a single screen with just a few clicks. Organize welcome, music on hold and goodbye messages, configure voicemail overflows and distribution rules, among other parameters.


Record calls, chats and screenshots from the contact center platform itself, without the need to install additional applications. Easily retrieve recordings for playback and download; and integrate them into quality management and monitoring tools.


Get a complete view of the operation and results of each campaign and channel with a comprehensive set of pre-designed reports. Or if you prefer, customize your own reports and integrate the information into the backend for comprehensive business analysis.


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