CTI integration,
contextual and automated

Integrate management screens and business applications into your omnichannel platform.

CTI integration

CTI integration,
contextual and automated

Integrate management screens and business applications into your omnichannel platform.


Empower your agents with the tools they need to solve cases faster, provide better quality service or close more sales.
Without leaving their omnichannel inbox, they will be able to access information systems and business applications,
in addition to the native solutions of the inConcert portfolio.

Synchronization between telephony and data

inConcert's CTI integration capabilities allow your agents to obtain all relevant contact information on the same contact screen, simultaneously with the interaction, regardless of the channel. Access, for example, account statements, the last purchases made or payment history, to provide a personalized and much more agile service.

Sincronización entre telefonía y datos
Integración con principales CRM del mercado

Integration with the main CRMs in the market

inConcert provides plug-and-play connectors for market-leading CRMs, enabling tight integration between the contact center platform and customer data, immediately and without requiring development. This allows you to provide an optimal customer experience, track each lead in detail and take better advantage of sales opportunities.

API integration

Integrate inConcert to any management application you need to use: ERPs, CRMs, collection systems, reservations, Help Desk, among others. Easily manage contacts from dialing campaigns, control actions on the call, type result codes and achieve many other activities, from a single desktop.

Integración vía API
Desarrolla tus propias aplicaciones

Develop your own applications

With inConcert, create your own screens, management applications and scripts, using the Web App Designer tool. Once developed, these applications are automatically integrated into the inConcert ecosystem and you can link them to any campaign, so that when the interaction is transferred to the operator, he receives all available information.

IVR integration

Few things frustrate a customer as much as providing information to the IVR and then having to repeat it to an agent. InConcert automatically delivers the information captured in the IVR and the customer's choices, resulting in a better experience and shorter service times.

Integración con el IVR
 Un completo portafolio de soluciones nativas

A complete portfolio of native solutions

inConcert Omnichannel Contact Center integrates natively with the powerful solutions that make up our portfolio, with specific functionalities for each business process. It integrates the customer care software with inConcert Marketing, inConcert CRM, inConcert Help Desk and inConcert Collections, and achieves higher levels of productivity thanks to inConcert Quality, inConcert Workforce Management and inConcert Speech Analytics.