Connect now with users of the most popular network in the world, easily and securely.



Connect now with users of the most popular network in the world, easily and securely.


inConcert offers you the widest range of communication options, unifying the attention of your contacts through ten digital channels integrated omnichannel with each other and with voice and video call channels.

What is the WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp allows companies to use its messaging service to contact their customers in two ways. ways. You can download an app on a cell phone and use it individually, similar to what you would do on your personal WhatsApp. you would do on your personal WhatsApp. For this reason it is a good solution for small businesses. Without However, if your company requires several operators to use WhatsApp simultaneously, then your contact center software should be integrated with WhatsApp. contact center software must be integrated with WhatsApp through a programmatic interface (API). This is what is achieved with WhatsApp Business API and is the only authorized way to do it.

Does inConcert offer access through WhatsApp Business API?

Yes. inConcert is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) approved by WhatsApp to provide its customers with secure access to the WhatsApp customers secure access to enterprise WhatsApp services through the WhatsApp Business API.

Can I run marketing campaigns with WhatsApp Business API?

No. WhatsApp Business does not allow proactive transmission of marketing messages. Any message that your business proactively sends to a recipient must be in a predefined, preapproved WhatsApp predefined and approved by WhatsApp. This is what is known as a Notification, Message Template or HSM. If you request approval of an HSM with marketing content, it will not be approved.

Do I need authorization to send messages to consumers?

Yes, you need to obtain the opt-in from your customers, that is, the authorization to send them messages via WhatsApp. You must do this through a campaign via another channel, for example, SMS or through a web form. a web form. If a customer sends you a message, this also serves as an opt-in. Therefore, the most appropriate use for WhatsApp WhatsApp Business in the contact center is for customer service, answering their queries. queries.

Do messages transmitted through WhatsApp Business API have a cost?

Yes. Unlike personal or small business WhatsApp apps, which are free, there is a cost associated with using the of WhatsApp Business API has a cost associated with it..

Is it possible to make voice conversations through WhatsApp Business API?

No. You can send texts, attachments and also voice messages, but not make calls.

Can I have more than one phone number on WhatsApp?

Yes, once you have an account created (WhatsApp Business Account) you can associate several phone numbers to it. phone numbers to it. For example, one for customer service and one for technical support.

How can I incorporate WhatsApp Business API to my business?

It's very simple. Click the button below and arrange a phone call with an inConcert specialist for advice. inConcert specialist for advice. We have already helped dozens of organizations, which process hundreds of thousands of active users each month through our software, to incorporate WhatsApp into their omnichannel customer service omnichannel customer service strategy. We can help you too.