Design forms, call scripts and custom web applications seamlessly integrated with your inConcert Allegro contact center for managing customer service, sales, billing, surveys, appointment setting, reservations and much more.

  • Custom management applications.
  • Multiple application consolidation.
  • Native integration with inConcert Allegro Contact Center.
  • Call scripting.
  • In-house application development.
  • Integration with your business processes and systems.
  • Custom management applications.

    Develop everything from simple forms to complete business applications with built-in functions for capturing data, entering orders, generating leads, and sales and collections among many other uses--all without the need to write programming code.

  • Multiple application consolidation.

    If your agents use various customer service applications, improve their productivity by giving them just one. You reduce complexity, and the time required to deliver customer service and agents no longer have to constantly switch between applications.

  • Native integration with inConcert Allegro Contact Center.

    Applications designed with inConcert Web App Designer are automatically integrated with the rest of your inConcert Allegro Contact Center functions. Now you can link them with your IVR and inbound and outbound campaigns so agents see all of the pertinent contact information when an interaction lands on their desktops.

  • Call scripting.

    Create powerful call scripts that provide the answers customers are looking for with inConcert Web App Designer. Cut the duration of training and increase agent productivity, giving agents the information needed to serve the customer. Agents are guided step-by-step for rapid call resolution.

  • In-house application development.

    Create your own contact center applications. We give you the tools and training to develop data capture and validation forms, as well as order entry forms, telephone sales applications, case follow-up, billing and many more. Alternatively, if you prefer, our team of professional services engineers can take charge of creating highly personalized applications for boosting your customer service and business processes.

  • Integrate with your business processes and systems.

    Native integration of inConcert Web App Designer with our own BPI inConcert Middleware platform makes it possible to access and update data residing on diverse IT systems both inside and outside of the organization. Be it messaging interchange, web services, databases, and more, the implementation and use of your applications is greatly simplified.


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