Speech technologies pave the way for reducing costs with powerful customer self-service options that don’t sacrifice service quality. Cut wait times and call durations while you deliver interactions are faster and more efficient.

  • Self-service options for customers made simple.
  • Automatic Speech Recognition.
  • Text-to-Speech technology.
  • Voice Biometrics.
  • Self-service options for customers made simple.

    Self-service can be a headache for customers, damaging your business reputation. However, it could also be an excellent opportunity for differentiating your organization from the competition while you cut costs and provide a better customer experience. Planning, the technology you use, and you implement self-service make the difference. If it’s well done, it’s simple. That’s why inConcert partnered with Nuance, the undisputed leader in voice technology development.

    The result is we now provide you with advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Voice Biometrics. Moreover, we are experts in these technologies and their applications, so you get the project planning you need with our Nuance-certified team of engineers that deliver turnkey solutions so you shine with customers.

  • Automatic Speech Recognition.

    Automatic Speech Recognition frees you to make more efficient use of your resources while providing a superior client interaction experience that is easy, precise, flexible and reliable. Take your IVR application to the next level with new possibilities so customers can speak instead of press digits to respond.

  • Text-to-Voice technology.

    Tell your customers what they need to hear in a natural, precise and personal manner, 24/7, 365 days a year with speech generation technology that sounds just like the real thing. Improve your level of customer service, reduce costs and reserve your agent’s time for more complex and valuable tasks.

  • Voice Biometrics.

    Use Voice Biometrics to recognize your customers’ personal voice patterns, freeing them from the need to enter PINs and passwords or give answers to questions that most people forget. Provide a new experience that is both comfortable and secure so you stand out from the competition.


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