Benefit from a complete view of your contact center operations with productivity metrics, statistics, and reports updated in real time that contain operations, telephony and management data.

  • Manage your operations with reliable information.
  • Deploy analysis that improves productivity.
  • Business intelligence integrated into your contact center.
  • Generate reports and alerts and send them via email.
  • Manage your operations with reliable information.

    Statistical reports, data graphs, and dashboards displaying critical information deliver the view you need to control your operations. Use a potent web tool to select from more than 200 pre-designed summarized and detailed reports, filtered by a diversity of criteria and with results grouped according to operating hours. Export the data for post-analysis, processing and refinements.

  • Deploy analysis that improves productivity.

    Analyze how your agents use their time. Compare individual performances between them using detailed line-item reports by agent, with downtime totals and averages, breaks, talk time, and time spent on administrative tasks. Identify problem calls or calls that should be listened to, applying potent criteria filters and call segmentation.

  • Business intelligence integrated into your contact center.

    Combine your operational, telephony, and management data into consolidated reports that provide a total vision of your business with inConcert Allegro Reports. inConcert’s CTI capabilities lets you access business data—such as sales, collections, case resolutions—and then group them with telephony and operations data to produce complete, personalized reports for intelligent decision making.

  • Send reports and alerts via email.

    With inConcert Allegro Contact Center you program the automatic and instantaneous sending of reports, alerts and information that is critical to your contact center’s operation, using email addressed to multiple recipients.


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