Whether you need to record all of your contact center’s interactions to comply with regulations, or only certain calls to control call handling and quality, inConcert Allegro Recording delivers a potent multichannel and screen recording tool that lets you archive every interaction.

  • Recording integrated with your system.
  • Multichannel recording.
  • Simple, unified management via the web.
  • Integration with quality application.
  • Recording integrated with your system.

    inConcert Allegro Recording is a component of the inConcert Allegro Contact Center platform. It is natively pre-integrated so there is no need to install or configure additional software to record audio and screens. You can also record directly from your CRM, including linking recordings with your customer service history.

  • Multichannel recording.

    inConcert Allegro Recording provides complete recording functionality via multiple channels: call audio, emails, voice mails and chats--giving you powerful ways to optimize your customer service, your agents' productivity and compliance with regulations.

  • Simple, unified administration via the web.

    Access, filter, search and play back call audio, emails, voice mail and chats from wherever you are located using a simple web interface. If your company provides contact center services, you can also give other people access, including controllers and customers, so they can access recordings with restricted permissions.

  • Integrate with your Quality module.

    Audio and screen recordings generated by inConcert Allegro Recording can later be processed by inConcert Allegro Quality. You perform complete evaluations and agent ratings, identifying training needs, using the recordings as training material, and detecting opportunities for improving your business processes related to telephone customer service.


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