There are multiple reasons for recording contact center phone calls. One of the most important is to monitor your agents’ productivity, which without a doubt can help improve operations. With inConcert Allegro Quality, you professionally and objectively evaluate your agents’ behavior, identifying opportunities for improvement, rating them, providing support for their call handling, and as a result, improving the quality of your customer service and your customers’ experience.

  • Total call visibility: audio and video.
  • Quality control audit planning tool.
  • Configurable templates and skills.
  • Advanced rating tools.
  • Information and analysis.
  • Total call visibility: audio and video.

    Audit calls with greater precision. From a centralized interface, listen to audio recordings that are synchronized with the agent’s screen, as if you were listening and seeing the call live. As a result, you get real information about how the call was handled while the conversation was in progress.

  • Quality control audits planning tool.

    Program audits and plan the sampling of recordings using diverse criteria, such as call duration, the hour of the day, and call results, among other criteria. You can also specify by percentage or quantity, how to sample calls for evaluation.

  • Configurable templates and skills.

    inConcert Allegro Quality allows you to define the skills that are required to evaluate your operation. You can even create evaluation templates, grouped in several skill-sets. These templates can be re-used for subsequent quality audits. Each skill can also be assigned a specific weight depending upon its importance to the evaluation.

  • Advanced rating tools.

    When listening to and scoring calls, you can tag the recordings as well as introduce notes and labeling that make it easier to process call scoring. These can later be used to find the precise point in the call you need to get to share with colleagues and agents, to improve service and procedures.

  • Information and analysis.

    Access and export complete reports that identify and compare your agents’ strengths and weaknesses as well as the degree to which they meet your business requirements along with gaps in required abilities and the agents' real skill levels.


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