inConcert Allegro Broadcasting is a highly efficient multichannel tool for broadcasting personalized voice mails, email, and SMS messages rapidly and efficiently to large audiences.

  • Automatic message broadcasting.
  • Messages as personalized as you need.
  • Press-one campaigns.
  • Real-time contact management tool.
  • Simple IVR applications design and modification.
  • Integration with your Contact Center and IVR.
  • Messaging from the cloud.
  • Broadcast messages automatically.

    With inConcert Allegro Broadcasting, you program the broadcasting of automatic messages—such as appointment reminders, event promotions, collections reminders, political campaigns and many other uses—from a list of contacts without the need to take up agents’ time. You choose the most appropriate channel in each case: voice, email or SMS.

  • Messages as personalized as you need.

    No matter which channel you choose, messages can be fixed, variable or personalized. You can also use Text To Speech technology to vocalize text, inserting the contact’s name into a voice message, for example.

  • Press-one campaigns.

    Significantly reduce your operational costs freeing agents from routine tasks. inConcert Allegro Broadcasting allows you to implement press-one campaigns where calls are transferred to agents only when the contact wishes to speak to them. You can also scrub contact lists automatically for dialer campaigns.

  • Real-time contact management tool.

    Import and manage contacts simply easily using APIs or a web interface. You can also apply filters to create segmented contact lists, recycling them based on send results and updating them instantaneously when, for example, a contact fills out a web form.

  • Integrate with your Contact Center and IVR.

    Native integration with inConcert Allegro Contact Center makes it possible to implement broadcast voice mail campaigns using personalized IVR menus and additionally, transfer calls to agents when a contacts requests it.

  • Messaging from the cloud.

    inConcert Allegro Broadcasting, like all of the inConcert Allegro contact center modules, provides the flexibility to operate from servers installed at your data center. You can also use our multitenant infrastructure in the cloud for message broadcasting campaigns, taking advantage of our management services, rapid implementation and availability for the occasional campaign.


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