Your contact center agents' time is your principal cost. To be more profitable, you have to process more interactions in less time, reduce abandon rates, and increase your contact list penetration.

  • Multiple dialing modes: predictive, progressive and preview.
  • Call progress analysis, answering machine detection.
  • Multiple blended campaigns and automatically prioritized lists.
  • Dynamic list management and updating.
  • Compliance with regulations.
  • Unified campaign management.
  • Integration with front-end applications, forms and scripts.
  • Advanced management of dialer rules.
  • Automatic messaging.
  • Information and analysis.
  • Multiple dialing modes.

    Easily select the dialing mode that best fits your operation:

    • Predictive: sophisticated algorithms let the system decide the right moment to make calls, maximizing agents’ productivity.
    • Progressive: the system generates a call when it detects an agent is available, increasing productivity and avoiding abandoned calls.
    • Preview: displays the contact information on the screen, allowing the agent to decide whether to make the call.
    • Regulated velocity: variation on the predictive dialing mode, provides better control over the dialer speed.
  • Call progress analysis answering machine detection.

    Cut your operation’s non-productive time with call progress analysis (CPA). Avoid transferring calls to agents when there is a busy signal, fax or no answer tone, ensuring they only attend to calls with a "live voice". inConcert Allegro Dialer also provides a sophisticated mechanism for detecting answering machines (AMD) by analyzing the audio on the call and detecting in real time and with high precision whether there’s a human voice on the line or a recording.

  • Multiple campaigns with blending and automatically prioritized lists.

    inConcert Allegro Dialer’s advanced technology allows you to organize your outbound operation across multiple simultaneous campaigns. Each campaign can have various dialer lists, including with different priority levels.

  • Dynamic list management and updating.

    Efficiently manage dialing lists using an advanced filtering tool that makes it possible to segment your contact database to a high degree of precision. Lists can be recycled on the basis of disposition codes, combined with other lists and also exported. inConcert Allegro Dialer also allows you to dynamically generate and update dialer lists.

  • Compliance with regulations.

    inConcert Allegro Dialer incorporates functionalities that help you conform to legal regulations, including do-not-call lists. Before dialing a number, the system checks against one or various “black lists” to verify that the number is not being suppressed. An added benefit is maintenance of suppression lists can be performed dynamically by the same user who decides in real time whether to include himself in the list or not using a web portal or an IVR application.

  • Unified campaign management.

    Create campaigns, easily administer do-not-call lists, zones, and dialer rules. Control the start and stop each dialing list and manage contact databases from a single management point for the entire system.

  • Integration with front-end applications, forms and scripts.

    Construct your own call scripts, forms and customized applications with inConcert Web App Designer, saving time and reducing implementation costs. If you already have an application, such as a CRM for example, it can be easily integrated using inConcert Allegro API. inConcert also offers plug-and-play integration with the leading CRMs on the market, such as Salesforce, Sugar and SAP.

  • Advanced management of dialer rules.

    Maximize your contact center’s contactability by configuring as many phone numbers for each contact as you need and by defining dialing and follow-up rules for each one with the degree of precision your operation requires.

  • Automatic messaging.

    Significantly reduce the use of human resources by automating processes and tasks with the implementation of messaging campaigns that don't require agents. inConcert Allegro Dialer also permits highly efficient delivery of multichannel messaging at very low cost, including pre-recorded voice messages, SMS and email—and at high contact volumes using inConcert Allegro Broadcasting.

  • Reporting and supervision.

    Optimize your outbound operation's profitability with the analysis of statistical reports, graphs and dashboards with critical information organized at different grouping levels, segmentation and detail with inConcert Allegro Reports. Easily obtain business intelligence, monitor and control key productivity indicators with inConcert Allegro Analytics and inConcert Allegro Supervisor.


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