Increase your agents’ productivity and improve your customer experience integrating in a unified screen and in real-time telephony controls with business data.

  • Synchronize data and telephony.
  • Integrate with the leading CRM software on the market.
  • Integrate via API.
  • Integrate with applications and call scripting.
  • Integrate with the IVR system.
  • Synchronization of data and telephony.

    inConcert CTI provides agents with a single desktop screen, which, simultaneously with the call, provides all of the contact's relevant data, such as account status, latest purchases or payment history, making it possible to resolve cases more rapidly.

  • Integrate with the principal CRM software on the market

    inConcert Allegro CTI provides plug-and-play connectors for Salesforce, Sugar and SAP CRM. You immediately establish and without further development, a tight link between your contact center platform and your customer data, providing an improved customer experience and taking better advantage of opportunities at hand.

  • Integrate via a programmable interface.

    inConcert Allegro API for CTI can be integrated with any business application – such as CRMs, collection, reservations and help desk operations – to manage contacts for dialer campaigns, control call handling, and categorize call outcomes, among other activities.

  • Integrate with applications and call scripts.

    inConcert Allegro lets you develop your own screens and management applications, including call scripting, using inConcert Web App Designer. Once developed, these applications are automatically integrated with the inConcert Allegro ecosystem so you can link them to any campaign. When interactions are distributed to agents, the agent immediately has all of the available and relevant contact information.

  • IVR Integration.

    Few things are more frustrating than when a customer has to repeat to the agent information the customer has already entered on the IVR. inConcert Allegro CTI automatically delivers information captured by the IVR, as well as the options selected by the customer, to the agent who takes the call. You provide a better customer experience and shorten service times.


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