Manage your contact center operations successfully with productivity metrics and statistics that are constantly updated, allowing you to reduce operating times, increase productivity and comply with agreed-upon service levels.

  • Detect opportunities for improving your operations.
  • Monitor at a granular level.
  • Configure alarms.
  • Access panoramic and customizable views of your operations.
  • Detect opportunities for improving operations.

    inConcert Allegro Analytics helps you detect opportunities to improve your contact center’s operations, so you can take rapid action on inbound or outbound campaigns. A unified web-based tool--created specifically for facilitating improved supervision and management-- organizes, processes and displays your operational data in a unified, simple and real-time manner.

  • Monitor at the granular level.

    Meticulously monitor your most important operational metrics with complete views of your data presented graphically and on dashboards so you have a wide and deep vision of your contact center's operations. As a result, you can rapidly diagnose productivity and service-level problems and take corrective actions for resolution.

  • Configure alarms.

    A complete mechanism for configuring alarms and notifications ensures that you always know if you’re operating within your established service or productivity levels.

  • Access panoramic and customizable views of your operations.

    inConcert Allegro Analytics offers a unified user interface where the most-used functions are also the most rapidly accessible. The two principal panels let you to see all inbound and outbound campaigns. Your can also apply filters to personalize the views, selecting your favorite campaigns and opting to see only those statistics that you consider to be the most relevant. That frees you to focus your control on the operational issues that are of most importance to you.


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