Increase your agents’ productivity with a powerful application for managing interactions across multiple channels rapidly, efficiently and profitably.

  • Clean, organized agent desktop.
  • Universal multi-channel interaction queue.
  • Intelligent interaction controls .
  • Freedom to locate agents wherever you want.
  • Full integration with your business applications.
  • Clean, organized agent desktop.

    With its simple and agile design, the inConcert Allegro Agent user interface replaces the physical phone, takes up a small amount on the agent's screen, and lets the agent easily use other applications without interference.

  • Universal multi-channel interaction queue.

    inConcert Allegro Agent provides unified processing of inbound and outbound calls, voice mail, email, chat sessions, callbacks, SMS messages and web responses. Moreover, it provides the specific information needed for each interaction such as CallerId, the contact’s name, the campaign, handling times and the type and number of interactions in the queue.

  • Intelligent interactions controls.

    The interface shows the agent only the necessary buttons for controlling the interaction in progress in accordance with the communication channel and the progress of the interaction. The interface stays clean and simple. With inConcert Allegro Agent agents can respond to, pause, transfer, record, schedule and wrap-up calls as well as create conferences, generate callbacks, process multi-channel interactions, show their availability and also chat in private with the supervisor while a call is in progress.

  • Locate agents wherever you want.

    With inConcert Allegro Agent your agents can work from any location: in the same building where the system is located, at remote sites with a data connection or even at agents' homes via an internet connection. All that is needed is a PC, user name and password to access the application and the system.

  • Full integration with your business applications.

    inConcert Allegro Agent easily integrates with your other business applications on the desktop, such as CRMs, and reservations and collections systems. Using plug-and-play connectors for Salesforce, Sugar and SAP CRM, you can start work immediately without needing further development or integration services. Additionally, using inConcert API for CTI, any management system can be easily integrated with inConcert Allegro Agent.


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