Capture, distribute, and manage online contacts through this versatile tool.

With i6 Web Form your customers and prospective customers can request that you contact them through their preferred channel, while your company manages and efficiently prioritizes capturing leads, managing tickets, and questions from customers.

  • Contact with customers according to their preferences.
  • Entry of online support cases.
  • Fast resolution.
  • Better experience for the customer.
  • Creation of personalized forms for each campaign.
  • Integration of web contacts to the rest of the business processes.
  • Contact your customers when it is best for them.

    Nowadays, customers look for convenience. For customers, to be able to get in touch with the company when they decide is a difference that they value and one that generates loyalty. With i6 Web Form you can easily design personalized contact forms to include in your website and from there your customers can request a web-chat or email contact.

  • Allow your customers to enter cases online.

    Broaden the scope of your helpdesk by incorporating new channels for accepting support cases. With i6 Web Form you will be able to create forms to entering online support tickets, and effectively manage cases, improving response times and customer satisfaction.

  • Get a quick resolution.

    According to the information that the customer provides on the form, and their profile or background history and context, i6 Web Form sends the request to the most appropriate operator so that he or she may follow up.

    This ability to intelligently deliver the web contact to the operator most prepared to handle it improves resolution times and reduces operating costs by taking advantage of the operators' abilities and knowledge more efficiently.

  • Use the contact channel that is most convenient for your business.

    Depending on the profile of each contact, create customized response strategies, using the most appropriate channel for each case. This way, you will be able to guarantee the satisfaction of your customers while reducing operating costs.

  • Offer your customers an exceptional experience.

    Regardless of the purpose of the web contact form that you are creating, you can take advantage of the opportunity to provide your customer with an exceptional experience. By having all of the context information and the history of the customer's interactions with the company, the operator can provide customized and appropriate responses for each one of its customers.

  • Create the right forms for each campaign.

    i6 Web Form provides a versatile form design tool, where you can create the best contact form for each of your campaigns, with the fields that you need for each case, and with an appearance that is coherent with your corporate image.

  • Integrate your web contacts to the rest of your business processes.

    Design applications that integrate business data and are appropriate for each one of the campaigns that your contacts manage online. Together with the chat delivery and within the same operator work desktop, the management application can be shown in order to visualize and register relevant business and customer data.


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