With the Web App Designer tool included in i6, you can create front-end and management applications that are completely integrated to the customer service channels and the corporate backend, without writing even a line of code.

In order to increase operators' productivity while at the same time improving the experience of potential and current customers, it is essential that operators have all of the contact's data and all of the relevant business information consolidated in only one interface. i6 Web App Designer is a graphic tool that allows you to quickly implement pre- and post- service applications, call scripts, and forms.

  • Omnichannel integration.
  • Web form design.
  • Multiple data sources, only one interface.
  • Quick implementation of business applications.
  • Data analysis.
  • Omnichannel integration.

    The applications developed with i6 Web App Designer are natively integrated and accessible for customer service from multiple channels.

  • Web form design.

    Design all of your contact, pre-service, and survey forms that you need to manage online chat, email, or contact interactions. The flexibility of the tool allows you to create interfaces that are aligned with your corporate image, without any type of style restriction. The captured data remains automatically associated with the contact and the interaction.

  • Reduce human error and training time.

    i6 includes, through its visual web application development tool, the ability to create dynamic scripts and service guides. Guide the workflow of your operators through the development of scripts, and logically condition the information provided to them during the conversation. Execute automatic actions from the script, such as sending emails, the type of contact, cross-selling and up-selling actions, among others.

  • Multiple data sources, only one interface.

    Consolidate all of the information that is distributed in various systems and sources of data in one sole interface, reducing the complexity of customer service and increasing the productivity of your operators.

    With i6 you can develop interfaces that show useful data for managing the interaction, and this data can be obtained from various sources: from web services, connections to databases, connections to SAP CRM, Salesforce, SugarCRM, among others.

  • Quickly implement business applications.

    Develop business applications with multiple functions. With i6 you can develop complete systems to manage leads, request intake, incident management, sales and collections, among others, from a 100% graphic interface, without needing to write programming code.

  • Data analysis.

    The data captured from the applications developed with i6 can easily be projected, such as indicators, metrics, and/or filters through customized report design.


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