With i6 your supervisors will have real time control over operations and all of the tools necessary in order to take corrective measures and avoid potential service issues.

i6 lets you monitor each of your campaigns in real time, control the performance of your teams, coach your operators, and the possibility of taking corrective measures as soon as issues are detected in service levels.

  • Multiple tools in one online platform.
  • Team performance control in real time.
  • Proactive management of metrics and indicators.
  • Coaching abilities and dialogue with the team.
  • Intelligent view of customer communications.
  • Security and trustworthiness in transactions.
  • Control your team's performance in real time.

    With the supervision functions of i6, it is very easy to visualize operators' performance and detect the exact moment in which an agent's productivity declines. Quick access to key indicators and visual alarms regarding the status of agents are some of the tools that are easily accessed from there.

  • Proactive management of metrics and indicators.

    A good supervisor cannot lose sight of the established goals and must ensure fulfilment of the service objectives that have been set and adherence to metrics. i6 lets you stay a step ahead of your problems and modify your strategies in real time in order to always guarantee high levels of service.

    Indicators such as response time, hang-ups, and long wait times, allow you to detect low levels of service. Using the platform, the supervisor can move agents from one campaign to another, intervene in conversations, and send operators private messages in order to guide them to a quick resolution.

  • Coaching abilities and dialogue with the team.

    One of the fundamental tasks of a supervisor is to be able to transmit his or her own knowledge to the operators. i6 allows supervisors to interact with their agents, both during and after communications.

    The coaching function allows the operator to be guided while he or she is answering in a chat, email, or a conversation started in social networks. The supervisor reads what the agent is writing in real time and can guide the agent, through a private window, to a successful solution.

    The generic messages to the entire team are also an excellent tool for notifying the team of strategy changes, issuing alerts regarding decreases in productivity, or simply sending information to all of the operators that the supervisor manages.

  • Intelligent view of customer communications.

    Every customer interaction puts the service quality and corporate image of the company at risk, regardless of the communication channel through which it is carried out. i6 provides a 360º view of the customer, with all of their relevant data, in addition to the records of the customer's interactions with the company. The supervisor can read the entire thread of the conversation held with the customer, regardless of the channels through which the communications were held.

  • Guarantee security and trustworthiness in transactions.

    i6 uses SSL encryption protocol, which helps your company adhere to the PCI standard and helps to provide high levels of security and data privacy, particularly in commercial, financial, and billing transactions. In history records accessible by the supervisor, customer data such as their PIN, passwords, or account numbers are never shown.


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