Incorporate customer service from social networks to your business with the same level of service and information with which you manage the rest of your channels.

i6 Social allows you to effectively manage your contacts and the conversations started based on social networks like Facebook and/or Twitter.

  • Fast responses.
  • Better contact experience.
  • Control and analysis of the entire operation.
  • Consistent conversations through several channels.
  • Respond as quickly as possible.

    Customers who contact through social media expect quick responses. Managing these communications from the contact center guarantees a timely response to each interaction. This is an effective way to build new business opportunities and strengthen already existing relationships.

    With i6 Social, interactions are automatically delivered to agents, while the platform’s metrics and supervision tools let you follow up with each contact and thereby guarantee your service standards. Your customers will not receive duplicate responses nor be left unanswered.

  • Work with true super agents.

    Through i6 Social, the same agents that respond to emails or chats can be those that manage communications on social networks. In i6 Social, interactions are distributed with greater precision through a universal queue, ensuring that they are handled by the most appropriate agent for each case.

    You do not need to have a specific group of operators only handling social networks. The productivity levels will truly increase given the possibility of multichannel blending and your customers will have more consistent experiences.

  • Improve contact experience.

    i6 Social has the ability to deliver communications to agents together with the complete context of the contact, such as their profile or history of requests, claims, etc. This way, the interaction through social networks is combined with a broader vision of the current or prospective customer, and it is possible to provide better service and an excellent communication experience.

  • Control and analyze all of your operations.

    With i6 Social you will not only give efficient responses in social networks, but you will also be able to measure how effective and on time they are. How long did the response take? What solution was given? Was it resolved in the first interaction?

    The abilities to control in real time gives your supervisors visibility regarding the time it takes agents to respond to social media interactions. All conversations are recorded and the supervisor can access and read them at any time.

    At the same time, the application allows for a thorough analysis of the data through complete reports that combine specific information from the social media interactions with the data from the interaction through other communication channels of the Contact Center.

  • Maintain consistent conversations.

    Some conversations initiated through social networks need to be continued through other channels. i6 Social allows communications to be scaled to other channels such as email or chat, while maintaining the thread of the conversation and the context. This way, your business processes and communications will be more effective without diminishing the customer's experience.


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