From i6 you can access all of the historical and detailed information of the operation, through a packet of pre-defined reports or through building customized reports.

Transform data into useful information for your business, by accessing numerous pre-defined reports and having the ability to build your own reports in which operational data, management data, and business data are combined, at hand.

  • Detailed information of all of the communications.
  • Reports customized to the needs of your operations.
  • Comprehensive business and operations analysis ability.
  • Automated report delivery via email.
  • Visualize and control every detail of each communication.

    It is essential in every operation to be able to analyze statistical data and access detailed historical information regarding the interactions that have taken place and the operators' activity. i6 lets you visualize all of this information, providing a set of pre-defined reports that help you access and analyze your main operating indicators.

  • Increase productivity and improve performance.

    From the predefined package of reports provided by i6 you can analyze the way that your operators use time, compare individual performances, see details, and trace problematic conversations, and measure a large number of the indicators of your campaigns and services.

    By applying multiple filter and search criteria, you can segment and immediately find the exact information that you need, without having to configure anything in advance, since the main reports are pre-defined and available through the platform.

  • Create reports customized to meet your needs.

    i6's powerful report generator allows you to create customized reports, with a projection of indicators and metrics specific to your business. The filters used to obtain data, as well as the order and way in which they are grouped in the report are 100% configurable. Thanks to the built-in assistant and the step-by-step guide, report creation is quick and simple.

  • Comprehensively analyze your business and operations.

    Combine the information from the operation with the management results and business information. All of the information captured from i6 during management can be later analyzed together with your own operational data. Meanwhile, the ability to integrate this data with back-ends and systems used by the company allows you to consolidate information in reports and thereby obtain a complete overview of the business.

  • Reports via email.

    i6 includes a powerful tool for programmed, automatic report delivery via email. The tool has various options for delivery programming. The requested report is attached to the email along with all of the associated conversations. In turn, the body of the email includes a link with access to a web view of the report and of the content of the interactions associated with each line of the report.


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