Bring the productivity of your company to the maximum, without service suffering or increasing your costs.

  • Flexible and efficient email management.
  • Quick response times.
  • Better contact experience for the customer.
  • Total integration with the business.
  • Team monitoring and supervision.
  • Continuity of contact with the customer.
  • Manage email flexibly and efficiently.

    The daily volume of emails that your company receives is constantly increasing. This increase in demand can cause an increase in handing times, and therefore, the quality of service and the customer's experience with your company suffers as well. i6 Mail allows you to manage large volumes of emails flexibly and intelligently, without affecting service. With i6 Mail it is possible to apply business rules to email routing and assign them to the most appropriate operator.

  • Improve response times and meet SLA requirements.

    Be sure that every single email is answered immediately through the automatic reply tool. Optimize the resolution process and eliminate the time wasted on repetitive and frequently asked questions. Operators can easily use the template answers, thereby maximizing their uptime. With i6 Mail, your customers will always receive appropriate and coherent solutions as quickly as possible.

  • Take the customer experience to the next level.

    The current needs of your customers could be better handled with an easily accessed history of interactions. Therefore, from i6 Mail, operators can see, at any time, the detailed history of conversations and contact with the customer through multiple channels.

    Your collaborators will be able to add internal comments and tags to an email conversation in order to make references for themselves or their colleagues in the event that it is necessary to transfer the conversation so that it can be continued with another operator.

  • Total integration with the business.

    Operators can collect and manage data in online forms, automatically associating the information with the customer that sent the email, and accessing their data from multiple sources.

  • Control and supervise the work of your team.

    With i6 Mail, the supervisor will be able to monitor customer feedback and how his or her team is responding, look for messages, and easily follow conversations, chat online with agents, or reassign emails to other operators. This guarantees constant improvement in terms of service, response times, and therefore, the quality and efficiency of your customer service.

  • Provides continuity to the contact.

    i6 Mail makes it possible to transfer an entire thread of an email conversation, without losing its continuity. Comments and private notes can be attached to the email to provide context and provide an excellent experience to the customer.


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