The necessary information for successful management is displayed to the operators in each one of the communications thanks to the integration function provided by i6.

  • Integration with management applications.
  • Integración con back-end corporativos.
  • Productividad y eficiencia de los operadores.
  • Comunicaciones efectivas.
  • Mejor experiencia de contacto.
  • Reportes personalizados.
  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of your operators.

    For agents to be efficient and for their productivity to be high, they must have all of the information that they need to carry out customer service processes quickly and simply. With i6 each communication, regardless of the channel through which it arrives, is displayed to the agent with the relevant contact information.

  • Integration with management applications.

    The integration function with i6 management applications, together with the synchronized delivery of information in one screen to the operator, allows cases to be resolved quickly and provides customers with a better experience.

  • More effective communications.

    i6 provides customer data, profiles, and history of purchases and communications, which allow your team to more effectively take advantage of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

  • Better experience in each contact.

    i6 allows your operators to have all of the customer's information, along with their relationship with the company, history of prior communications, comments from the operators that assisted them in previous interactions, latest purchases made, frequent purchases, pending payments, etc.

    This gives your current and prospective customers an excellent contact experience since the conversations are customized, consistent, and there are no breaks in the conversation, despite it being carried out over several channels.

  • Customized reports.

    i6's integration function and reporting tool allow customized reports to be created and accessed that include operational and business information.


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