Distributing the communications that arrive from multiple channels efficiently, and without sacrificing the customer experience, is one of the fundamental challenges in customer service processes.

With i6, your company not only has the unified control of all the communications, but they are also distributed intelligently among operators according to your business objectives and criteria.

  • Universal ACD.
  • Distribution of the communications according to the needs of the business.
  • Better customer experience.
  • Control in real time.
  • Historical data for operation analysis.
  • Universal ACD.

    With i6 you have complete control of the communications, because all the interactions that come from multiple channels arrive to on sole global line, where they are handled and distributed to the most appropriate operators in order to be addressed.

  • Distribute of the communications according to the needs of your business.

    i6 allows you to organize work groups and handle the distribution of interactions towards multiple omnichannel campaigns, in accordance with the exact needs of your business.

  • Provide your customer with a better experience.

    No one likes to wait a long time for an answer. You can minimize the impact of those times through automatic messages. For example, while a customer waits for their chat request to be addressed online, the automatic i6 messages will notify them of the estimated wait time, their place in line, or it can send repetitive wait messages with specific customized information. This improves the customer's experience and reduces the number of abandoned requests.

  • Control in real time.

    Take total control of the ACD state, performing a real-time monitoring of interactions in the line, response times, and abandoned requests. This will allow you to take action immediately, avoiding drops in productivity, campaign overflows, and issues with service levels.

  • Perform an analysis of your operations with specific historical data.

    Obtain historical, summarized, detailed reports about the performance and productivity of your operations. i6 allows you to obtain customized reports with relevant information about key indicators in your organization.


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