Let your customers to access the online service that they need quickly, keeping costs down, and increasing the productivity of your company.

When customers navigate a website, there is a gap between self-service and the need for assistance. i6 Chat eliminates this gap by allowing your operators to provide real-time assistance and guide both current and potential customers through the purchase process.

  • Better experience online for your customer.
  • Fast and precise answers.
  • Integration of communications in line with the rest of the business process.
  • Continuity of the conversation in each communication.
  • Quality assured for every contact.
  • Data protection.
  • Management unified with other customer service channels.
  • Improve your customer's online experience.

    Your team naturally has all of the context information that they need to provide the customer with a new online experience. Additionally, i6 Chat allows chats to be assigned to the most appropriate operators for customer service, according to your own business rules. The abilities defined for the campaign and the entire team, plus the pre-service information, ensure that each contact is addressed in a personalized manner by the best available operator.

  • Provide fast and precise answers.

    Satisfaction levels of a contact diminish quickly if they start a chat and cannot connect with one of the collaborators immediately.

    The automatic responses from i6 Chat allow customers to feel quickly "connected", with automated welcome messages, information about the wait time, and the name of the operator who will assist them.

    At the same time, a series of previously defined messages can appear for the operator so that he or she may quickly provide the most appropriate response. Using these messages helps increase productivity, while keeping your collaborators from having to do routine tasks such as answering common questions that take up their time, motivation, and productivity, while also improving the customer experience since they get quick answers to their questions.

  • Integration of communications in line with the rest of the business process.

    You can easily design management applications integrated with business data and personalized for each one of your chat campaigns. Together with the chat delivery, and within the same operator work desktop, the management application can be shown in order to visualize and register relevant business and contact data.

  • Provides continuity to the contact.

    With i6 Chat it is possible to transfer an interaction from one collaborator to another without losing the continuity of the conversation. The information obtained in the Chat session is transferred along with the comments and private notes of the operator in order to guarantee a service experience that exceeds even the highest of expectations.

  • Ensure quality for each contact.

    Improving the online experience of the customer is one of the main challenges of a company that incorporates an omnichannel strategy, in which it is very difficult to provide coherent, consistent, excellent service. i6 Chat provides the tools for monitoring in real time, coaching, and quality control, which allows you to maximize the quality of the service offered to your online customers.

  • Keep your customers' information protected.

    All of the information is transmitted through SSL protocol, and credit cards numbers entered for business transactions are hidden in records. This way, i6 Chat helps your business meet the PCI standard.

  • Integrate multiple customer service channels.

    i6 Chat is part of i6 OmniChannel Suite, therefore you can easily implement an omnichannel strategy when your business needs; one that integrates the management of other channels such as social networks, mail, and web contacts in a unified way.

    This way, you will be able to switch customers from one channel to another when you deem it necessary, without losing context and keeping the thread of the conversation. Thus, a communication that begins in an online chat can be continued on the phone or via email until it is resolved, in a fluid manner, without the customer having to repeat information or feel like they are "starting over again".


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