With i6 it is possible to configure the platform for various roles, and comprehensively manage the campaigns, channels, and users in a unified and simple manner.

  • Multiple tools in one online platform.
  • Definition of permits and access levels.
  • User administration.
  • Campaign configuration.
  • Enabling and configuring service channels.
  • Configuring automatic messages, pre-defined responses and operational capabilities.
  • Integration with the business data.
  • Configuration of ticket management.
  • Definition of permits and access levels.

    Sometimes the roles are not simply defined by "who provides customer service", "who supervises", or "who manages". In many companies, supervisors are also in charge of customer service in some channels, or those who define and manage campaigns are also required to be in control of some real time indicators.

    With i6 you can define positions with appropriate access in accordance with the reality of your operations. The high level of specificity for permissions allows you to create user profiles that match their needs.

  • Manage platform users.

    i6 lets you create and maintain the users in the system and manage their roles. You can also define customized user statuses, so that the operation reports provide information in real time with regard to operators' activities.

    The definition and configuration of users' skills (which will later be kept in mind in campaigns when interactions are distributed based on skills) will also be carried out through the same unified interface.

  • Configure and define each campaign.

    From operating days and schedules to times that determine service levels. It can be specific for each campaign, indicating the users who are part of it, and the specific access permissions for each.

  • Set up and configure the customer service channels of each campaign.

    The customer service channels can be set up or taken down, configuring each one of the associated accounts. For example, if it is a campaign that is going to be managed through social networks, this configuration interface allows you to associate it with Facebook or Twitter accounts. If the campaign incorporates the email channel, everything related to it is configured to the associated email account.

  • Define the customer service capacity of your operation.

    You can limit, for example, the number of email conversations or Facebook messages that an operator can carry on without finishing, and specify the number that you think are appropriate for your operation.

  • Configure the automatic messages as well as the pre-defined responses.

    The automatic messages, such as the auto-replies from an email account, or the welcome and wait messages in a web chat, are specified for each campaign through the i6 management platform. Any of the application of the i6 Omnichannel suite incorporate the pre-defined response function, which make the work of operators easier and makes communications more consistent. These messages can also be configured for each of the campaigns.

  • Integrate your campaigns with the rest of your business.

    You can specify the data for integrating the business application through the management platform of each campaign. When addressing a communication through any of the set up channels, it is possible to show additional contact information or relevant business information through opening the CRM web screen that your organization already uses, or through an application developed with i6 WebDesigner specifically for the campaign. Everything that you need for this configuration is easily accessed from the i6 unified interface.

  • Set up ticket management.

    The conversations with your customer can be managed as tickets. Each ticket will have a code that identifies it and associates it with one or more communications. The auto-increase mode setting of the tickets, the suffix and prefix, among other features, is also administered and defined from i6.


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