UTEL increases their customer response
rate by 180% and exceed sales
targets by 50%

One of the leading online universities in the Americas consolidated
their omnichannel contact center strategy, integrating sales and
digital campaigns, integrating marketing automation, CRM,
customer service, and collections. All thanks to the inConcert

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Improvement in
customer contact rate


Increase in sales


NPS improvement

Let’s hear from the protagonists

Let’s hear from
the protagonists

"Thanks to inConcert we have consolidated a contact center, fully aligned with institutional strategies, and the support of the professional team and technological tools have made the operation easy and 100% manageable."

Florencio Cueto Barojas
Information Technology Coordinator, UTEL

  • Progressive dialing
  • IVR
  • Web Chat
  • Web app designer
  • CRM integration
  • Screen pop ups
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Supervision
  • Customized reports

The challenge

Within the framework of the global redesign of its processes, UTEL's objective was to restructure their contact center in line with industry best-practices.

They were looking for a solution that delivered all the functionalities of a modern high-tech contact center, but that did not require a very high initial capital investment.

Due to a redesign of operational processes, they required the support of a professional team to assist them throughout the implementation.

A solution that would allow them to
scale in line with business growth



With a focus on consolidating the business, inConcert worked with UTEL to formalize the sales campaign first. Manual dialing was implemented as a pilot test.

Once the processes were defined, the sales campaign was automated with progressive dialing.

Call transcripts were created using the web application development tool.


When the sales contact center was operational, a pre-service IVR was implemented. Several customer service campaigns were also launched, including webchat as a new contact channel, and integrated omnichannel into the contact center.

In addition, satisfaction surveys were carried out to assess the quality of care for users.


Finally, automated lead-gen campaigns with progressive dialing were implemented.

Customer service and sales campaigns were integrated
with the CRM used by UTEL

Both customer service and sales campaigns were integrated with the CRM used by UTEL.

This allowed setting screen pop-ups in the CRM, which present the agent with relevant customer information. The pop-up is displayed when the auto-dialer makes the call (outbound campaigns), or when the agent receives an interaction (inbound campaigns).


Management reports were designed according to the requirements of the process. There was an emphasis on real-time supervision and monitoring to detect opportunities for improvement in each of the interactions.


The results

Thanks to the technology and guidance of inConcert, UTEL established their own omnichannel contact center, integrating all the required business processes.

In 18 months, UTEL's contact center grew by 55 positions. It currently operates with 260 workstations, exceeding its original growth target by 180%.

In terms of customer satisfaction, UTEL is currently positioned at 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, according to quality surveys. Although there is room for improvement, the NPS was increased by 2 points.


increase in sales


NPS improvement


growth in operations

Next steps

The contact center is operating and achieving very good results for the company. The next phase of the project will focus on optimizing processes and maximizing technological tools to achieve greater efficiency and an excellent Customer Experience.

During the first year, sales increased by 50%.


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