TPS Group

TPS Group increases productivity by 45% and contact by 60%
with inConcert's integrated solution.


The company

Grupo TPS is a contact center that develops solutions aligned with the business processes of companies through different media: telephone, e-mail and chat. Located in Mexico and with more than 2000 employees, it has a wide experience in Telemarketing for inbound and outbound campaigns and in Outsourcing of telephone attention, oriented to the full satisfaction of the needs and contributing to the growth and development of its clients.

Founded in 2003, it has achieved an outstanding position in the Direct Selling industry due to its high conversion rates and loyalty strategies.


The Challenge

Grupo TPS had an existing call center platform and several applications developed in-house to manage the various systems involved in the operations related to the sale of credit cards. Their main challenge was to consolidate these multiple applications into an integrated management system.

The more than one thousand customer service representatives and the opening of a new headquarters, led to the need for a technological base that would be a truly comprehensive solution, easily adaptable to functional demands and that would reduce operating costs, maximize productivity and offer a value-added service to its customers.

For each client, Grupo TPS designs a unique solution. For this reason, the company required the flexibility to carry out customized projects quickly and with excellent quality.

The solution

inConcert worked with Grupo TPS in the implementation of workflows for the automation of tasks related to the telemarketing process for different clients, mostly related to credit card sales.

The process included telemarketing activities, quality control and delivery coordination. These were the solutions developed by inConcert:

  • For telemarketing activities, calls were automated using predictive dialing. The management was done through an application implemented with the web application development tool, which in turn contained intelligent dialog scripts.
  • A customer purchase acceptance form was developed, which included the possibility to start/stop recordings linked to the acceptance.
  • For quality control, an application was developed that allowed the verification of the information and the listening of the recordings recorded by the agents when the purchase was completed.
  • Finally, for the coordination of delivery and logistics, a form was created from which information is checked against recordings, the documentation to be sent to the client is assembled and, upon sending it, the corresponding acceptances and recordings are attached.

All the forms and activities involved in the workflow are easily adaptable and modifiable, which gave them the flexibility and autonomy they needed to build solutions tailored to the needs of each of their clients.


The Results

Grupo TPS was able to replace the multiple management systems related to the processes of sales, acceptance, validation and delivery of credit card sales documentation with an integrated system that consolidates them.

This brought very significant results in the optimization of the operation:

  • Reduced application development and maintenance costs.
  • Increased productivity by 45%, by consolidating the agent's work environment into a single interface, supported by dynamic dialog scripts.
  • Increased contactability rate by 60%, thanks to call automation through the use of predictive dialing.

The protagonists speaks

"Integral operation management has always been practically an obsession for me. It is the only way to understand what the customer is demanding. That's why having an appropriate technological tool like inConcert is indispensable."

Jorge Parra González
TPS Group