Thuraya achieves 90% of calls answered within 20 seconds in multilingual omnichannel contact centers.


The company

Thuraya Telecommunications Company is a global telecommunications provider and industry-leading MSS operator, offering innovative communication solutions to a variety of sectors including energy, broadcast media, maritime, military and NGOs.

Thuraya's network enables clear communication and uninterrupted coverage of two-thirds of the world by satellite and the entire planet through its unique GSM roaming capabilities.


The Challenge

Thuraya needed to improve its customer service channels, integrating phone calls, email and web chat into a unified queue to achieve the level of service to which the company aspires in its core values.

A major challenge was the integration of three different types of networks: the satellite network over SS7, the TDM network via an existing PABX and the internal IP network for contact center users. In addition, it was necessary to integrate telephony channels from two different sources - the existing PBX and a third-party IVR - and to achieve a complex distribution mechanism.

Due to the global nature of Thuraya's operations, its contact center supports a wide range of languages through its contact center. Depending on each caller's preferences, calls should be routed to the most knowledgeable agent who speaks the customer's language. In turn, VIP customers should be directed to a priority service queue.

In addition, agents should process calls using the CRM module that should be integrated with contact center operations.

Finally, the corporate CRM (Salesforce) had to be integrated into the contact center operations so that the agents would continue to process customer management from there.

The solution

To improve customer service and provide a cost-effective helpline to its service providers, Thuraya employed inConcert's software to incorporate an efficient multi-skill ACD, integrated with the CRM.

inConcert was a perfect fit for Thuraya's needs, integrating with its backend systems, multiple networks and the CRM, which allowed it to:

  • Create a special access line, referring VIP customer care to a priority service queue.
  • Regular customers can call the satellite helpline and select their preferred language for service. Each agent is assigned a skill level for each of the languages supported by the contact center. To maximize resource optimization, the system allows the same agent to handle both standard and priority queues as well as multiple languages.
  • inConcert transfers the interaction to the most qualified agent, based on the agent's skills and call information. In turn, it provides the CRM with the customer ID and the selected language, so that agents are ready to handle the communication in the most optimal way.

Multimedia functionalities were also implemented, integrating email and web chat interactions to be managed in a unified way from the same platform.


The results

By implementing inConcert's all-in-one solution, Thuraya has optimized its customer service.

Esto trajo resultados muy significativos en la optimización de la operación:

Some of the most important achievements:

  • First call resolution rate and partner and customer satisfaction level increased.
  • Exceeded the established service level objectives, achieving that 90% of calls were answered within 20 seconds.
  • Improved agent performance and handling times, providing a higher level of service to customers.

The protagonists speaks

"inConcert has really helped us achieve excellence in our Customer Care services. Our contact center is now much more accessible to customers and partners and we are able to serve their needs more efficiently and quickly. Together with integrated and segmented service channels we have managed to achieve a very high level of customer care and our customers and partners can feel the difference."

Asim Khattak,
Senior Manager
Sales & Customer Support