Contacto Inteligente

Contacto Inteligente positions itself as a leader and wins excellence award with inConcert.

case study

The company

Contacto Inteligente is an innovative company in the BPO Contact Center sector located in Peru, which provides diversified services for four main lines of business oriented to the Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications and Multi-services sectors. Within each unit, multiple options are developed, such as customer call answering, user retention services, massive product placement campaigns, Collection Calls, market research services, helpdesk services and quality and user satisfaction audits.


The Challenge

According to its work philosophy, Contacto Inteligente required a multichannel Contact Center platform, flexible to demand, that would allow it to renew itself according to market needs, improve productivity ratios and enable integration with its own contact management and business intelligence applications.

Its main objectives were:

  • To create a special access line, referring the attention of VIP customers to a priority service queue.
  • Extract, integrate and consolidate data for analysis and decision making: The main challenge was focused on empowering contact center services with its own CRM and business intelligence solutions. Due to the relevance that data intelligence has in the business as an added value for its customers, it was essential that the management tools and applications allow the traceability of each interaction and each management in the contact center. At the same time, this data must be fed back to the knowledge provided by business intelligence and CRM.
  • Manage growth and profitability: The company required an adequate management of growth, profitability control, quality assurance in each of the services and their continuous improvement.

The solution

inConcert provided the technology and advice to execute contactability strategies based on business intelligence.

The main solutions implemented were:

Optimized automatic dialing:

  • Progressive and predictive dialing was configured, automating outbound calls and thus optimizing agent times.
  • Business rules and dialing strategies were based on the knowledge provided by the company's Business Intelligence (BI) tools, which allowed improving dialing rules and applying them differentially according to specific contact segments.

Integration with CRM and Business Intelligence tools:

  • Each campaign was integrated with the Intelligent Contact CRM solution. When the agent processes an incoming or outgoing interaction, the screen pop-up of this management application is triggered with relevant information about the contact.
  • All the management with the customer is performed from there as well, allowing valuable information to be fed back to both solutions.
  • Finally, the traceability of each interaction and other operational data is available, so that they can be taken by BI tools and transformed into valuable information for the business.

Measurement and monitoring of indicators:

  • Real-time monitoring tools were implemented with online information on productivity and service quality indicators necessary for operational control.
  • Similarly, it is possible to retrieve and listen to recordings and access historical and statistical reports with operational, management and profitability information, oriented to supervision and senior management.

The results

The integration of contact center functionalities with business intelligence tools has contributed to a significant improvement in its operation.

Among the main results, the following stand out:

A 37% increase in the volume of positions. New services were created, such as auditing and quality services for other contact center companies, thus contributing to the company's service diversification strategy.

In recent years, Contacto Inteligente has managed to remain as the main product placement channel for two of the main financial institutions in Peru and for the leading company in the local insurance market..

Thanks to the omnichannel customer service solution implemented with inConcert for one of the most important telecommunications companies in Peru, Contacto Inteligente won the award for "Best Outsourced Contact Center Operation" granted by the Peruvian Association of Contact Centers (APECCO).


The protagonists speaks

"The best solution that inConcert has offered us since the beginning of the business relationship is the flexibility and openness they had to understand our company's need to integrate the Contact Center solution with our CRM solution for contact management and intelligence tools. Thanks to this flexibility and constant adaptation to our business needs, we have forged a two-way relationship of trust over the years and it is a crucial ally for the company's growth".

Raul Vizcarra,
Business Intelligence Manager
Contacto Inteligente