Interview with Francisco Salgueiro, inConcert VP of Engineering


By Inconcert
April 18, 2022


“Fran”, as we call him in the company, joined in July 2021 as VP of Engineering after a long and successful career as CTO in major companies in the digital industry. The objective of his entry is to strengthen all the engineering areas of inConcert, something that he has been achieving exponentially in this first semester of his management. In this talk he tells us about some of those achievements: the creation of a PMO office, advances in security and investments in the cloud environment.

What operational changes have you promoted since assuming this role?

The first thing was to consolidate a multidisciplinary PMO (project management office) team that supports and controls the projects to improve operations and make them more efficient. We implement Business Intelligence tools that facilitate strategic decision-making in the company, for which we developed an integration project with the current project management tool.

At an operational level, progress was made in unifying the inConcert office network (located on several continents) into a single environment that facilitates communication and collaboration. This makes remote work easier.

In addition, an information security management system (SGSI) and corporate compliance was created as a set of policies and procedures for the correct management of information and evaluation of the company's risks.

Computer security has been, precisely, one of the key points in your management. What progress has been made in this regard?

A new state-of-the-art antivirus system with advanced EDR techniques was implemented, and a SOC (security hunting) was outsourced, which is constantly analyzing the telemetry of the security systems.

Unifying identity management within the company has been key. Separate and improve the security of access to the cloud for workers with VDI tools, secure file transfer with protection against malware and secure two-factor authentication mechanisms.

What have been the most significant changes implemented in the cloud environment?

One of the main changes has been the concentration of the perimeter security equipment in a more robust solution, in HA and with higher performance.

In addition, infrastructure monitoring tools were implemented and the service alert platform was replanned, with notifications in specific work teams and in a multi-device format.

Finally, we highlight the change of the Internet communications architecture for a new architecture based on BGP and a new architecture and design of the data center prepared for HA.

Regarding the important investment made for the cloud environment, what can you tell us?

Improving the stability of the cloud environment has been another objective in this period. From July to today, an investment of more than 1 million dollars was made in new computing infrastructure with redundant elements and in n+1 architecture for computing, in addition to network electronics to physically and not logically separate the SAN and LAN networks.

What have been the main challenges you have faced in recent years? And what projections do you have with inConcert?

The biggest challenge in my career was the coordination and management during the first days of the pandemic. Organizing thousands of employees so that they could telecommute in record time was a true challenge of innovation, coordination and logistics that was achieved with the efforts of a professional team.

My goals and motivation for this new role as VP of Engineering are to contribute to improving the services we provide to our clients towards a safer and more innovative environment, based on the latest technologies and continuous improvement together with the excellent team of professionals that today make up inConcert.