inConcert Video Contact Center integrates video calls to your contact channels


By Fernanda Barboza
June 12, 2020


In times of social distancing and with the growth of non-face-to-face sales due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the video call has established itself as a fundamental contact channel in the business environment as well.

How does inConcert see the Colombian market today?

In response to this trend, inConcert has incorporated the video call as a channel within our Omnichannel Contact Center, allowing companies to use this medium in a simple and fully integrated way with their other channels.

inConcert Video Contact Center allows to establish a close contact with the customer through video calls and video chats. In this way, it supports the possibility of humanized communication without the need for face-to-face interaction, thus taking care of the health of customers and collaborators.

Some functionalities of inConcert Video Contact Center:
  • Full WebRTC solution, i.e. no client installation required.
  • Grabación de video y llamada
  • Website integration
  • Screen Share: application and screen sharing
  • Sending documents and files via integrated webchat
Advantages and uses of video calling in the contact center:

Improved customer experience

The video call provides a better customer experience than non-visual media when it comes to complex interactions, where the phone call or chat may be limited for the success of the conversation. It is very efficient, for example, in the case of financial companies that want to replace the teller window by video call for consultations with account executives, or in the health area for agenda coordination. Also in the technical support area, to resolve incidents quickly and efficiently. The video call provides customers with humanized access to company experts, who are currently inaccessible in person.

Why is video calling so effective in customer service? First, because by observing customers' expressions and body language, agents can better understand them and provide them with a more accurate solution. At the same time, customers can share their screen or show directly with their camera what they want to communicate to the agent, making the interaction much more dynamic.

Reduction of operating costs

Thanks to this greater capacity for understanding the interaction, the video call gives agents a greater capacity for resolution than the telephone call or chat. This improves key contact center service level indicators, such as FCR (First Call Resolution) and average response time.

More sales

The video call can also be used in marketing and sales, in the case of companies that benefit from the relationship of trust that this channel enables. Especially in highly complex products or services (such as B2B technology, financial products, insurance or real estate), the personalized experience is conducive to purchase. In addition, by using the possibility of video calling on offer sites, it is possible to increase conversions and detect new sales opportunities with greater precision.

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